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How to grow Long & Healthy Nails

Growing long and healthy nails can be quite difficult for some people whilst for others they seem to grow over night and never chip. To the most part growing long, and healthy nails is something we can control. Yes, for some it’s going to be easier than for others but what really matter is that taking care of your nails properly from the inside out. Watch our video to learn how to grow strong and healthy nails! 

How to Grow Long & Healthy Nails

If you want to grow long and healthy nails you need to take care of your nails, hands as well as nutrition. We want to highlight that the following points and the points mentioned in the video are all going to help grow your nails but to grow long and strong nails you also have to make sure you are feeding your body the right food to help your nails thrive. Here are our external care tips to finally growing strong and healthy nails: 

1. Always use an acetone free nail polish remover 
When removing your nail polish use an acetone free nail polish remover. Acetone is a solvent which strips away a lot the natural oils from your skin and nails leaving them dry and brittle. Dry and brittle nails will chip easier making it near impossible to grow long & healthy nails. 

Choose a natural nail polish remover instead. Whilst they also use solvents that help remove the nail polish, they are much less harsh. Natural nail polish removers will often also have natural oils to help moisturize whilst removing your nail polish.

Kia-Charlotta is currently developing a natural nail polish remover which will be available by the end of 2019. 

2. File your nails regularly
If you want your nails to grow long (and strong) you, of course, shouldn’t cut them too often. Instead file your nails on a weekly basis to help keep the tips of your nails strong. This way you will avoid breaking nails or chipping. We recommend using a glass file because they are gentler to your nails. Glass files are also more hygienic since you can rinse them with hot water.

3. Moisturize your hands
Keep your hands and nails moisturized. As already mentioned in the first point, dry and brittle nails will break and chip easier. This is why keeping your hand and nail moisturized is so important. Keep a good and natural hand cream in your bag so that you can always apply some moisture if your hands ever start feeling dry. 

4. Don’t use your nails as “tools”
As tempting as using your beautiful long nails as tools we strongly urge you not to. This means don’t use them for opening cans, makep-up palettes or boxes. Also, do not attempt to remove any toughly glued stickers with your nails. Using your nails consistently as tools will result in breakage and chipping which will not help grow your nails strong. 

5. Nourish your nails and fingers with oils
Oils not only nourish your nails and cuticles, but they can also protect your nails. With consistent use, oils help keep your nails strong and heathy. Apply oil on your cuticles on a daily basis but remember to NOT apply oil right before painting your nails. Oil will repel the nail polish and leave you a uneven and bad manicure. 

We hope these tips could help you out! We wish you an amazing day! 

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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