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How to Recycle Nail Polish

Do you have some nail polish that you no longer use lying around and you are wondering where and how to get rid of it? We are happy that you have given it a second thought and you are definitely right in not washing it down the drain or simply tossing is out. Nail Polish needs to be properly recycled in order to avoid any unnecessary harm to the nature. Nail polish is built up of three components from which none belong in the “regular” garbage: the cap, the bottle and the nail polish. Here are the 5 steps to recycling your nail polish:  

1.     Consume Consciously

This is the number one rule if you want to be more environmentally friendly with your nail polish. So often we end-up having an almost excessive collection of nail polish that will only end up drying up in your cupboard in the false hope of you using it again one day. Try your best to purchase consciously and choose colours you know you will love. Buy sparingly and try to use all your polish up until purchasing a new one. Kia-Charlotta has consciously chosen to use smaller bottles in order to help eliminate unnecessary waste of nail polish. Why not chose one of our sets which will have three perfect colours for any occasion, just enough for one season?

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2. Cleaning the bottle

If, however, you do find yourself still having some nail polish that you will no longer use, you should definitely properly recycle it. First you need to clean the bottle from all the nail polish. Simply pour some nail polish remover into the bottle approx. half full and then shake hard to remove as much polish from the edges as possible. Do not throw this mixture into the drain. The mixture should be poured into a separate container e.g. an empty glass jar. Repeat this process as often as needed until the bottle is fully clean and empty.

3. Recycling the Cap

Make sure to properly clean the brush so that it is completely cleared of nail polish. This and the cap can be recycled with plastic waste. 

4. Recycling the Glass.

Once the glass is peachy clean you can recycle it like you would glass bottles or jars, etc.

5. Recycling the Nail Polish – Nail Polish Remover Mixture

Nail Polish is considered “problem waste” and should not land in the drain nor in glass, paper or plastic recycling bins. To properly dispose of the nail polish – nail polish remover mixture take it to your nearest recycling centre where it will be treated accordingly. 

As time-consuming as this process may sound, our nature will surely thank you if you make this small effort in recycling your nail polish. 

We and the nature thank you and your efforts.

Lots of LOVE,

Kia & Alex

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