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Introducing our vegan & natural nail polish remover

We are super excited to finally introduce you to the new member of Kia-Charlotta; our much-awaited vegan and natural nail polish remover! In today’s video and blog post we will tell you about what makes our nail polish remover so special. The product itself will be launched during December in our online shop and will be available in stores as of 2020.

Introducing our vegan & natural nail polish remover - coming soon    

It has been over a year since we decided to start developing our nail polish remover and little did we know the journey, creating this product, would be. We wanted it to be a one of a kind product which would make removing nail polish a pleasant experience. For us that meant the nail polish remover should smell goodfeel good and, of course, remove nail polish effectively. Now that we have the final product on our tables, we are super happy and, may we say, even proud of the product that we have developed, and we are super excited for all of you to try it out. 

We are excited to say that we developed one amazing vegan and natural nail polish remover recipe, but we created two products with that recipe:

1. Vegan Natural Nail Polish Remover 100ml
This option is the “traditional” option with the remover in a bottle. This can be used with, preferably, reusable pads, or of course with cotton pads. When you use this with reusable pads you will create significantly less waste which also makes this a slightly more sustainable option.

2. Vegan Natural Nail Polish Remover Pads
This option we are particularly excited about because these don’t really exist in the natural cosmetics sector all that much (a few exceptions of course). This option contains 40 already dampened pads (with the nail polish remover) which makes this an optimal option to take with you on the go or, if you are in a hurry, it’s an easy and quick way to start removing your nail polish. 10 fingers need in average 2-3 pads which is often less than we would need with the classic combination of nail polish remover and cotton pads. The pads we have used are made of biodegradable viscose.

Now let’s move on to describe the nail polish remover formula itself. The following characteristics and elements summarize our nail polish remover recipe:


We were especially excited to create this product because we knew that this product would be a certified natural product. We place high importance in creating products with safe and non-toxic ingredients and most preferably natural ingredients as well. While creating a good quality nail polish with only natural ingredients is near impossible, we knew that for our nail polish remover there would be no compromise. We are proud to say that our nail polish removers have been certified by the German natural cosmetics standard COSMOS NATURAL.  


As some of you may know, we are a vegan company meaning we stay clear of any animal derived ingredients or animal testing. This is a high priority and an essential value of our company. Therefore, of course, the nail polish removers are both 100% vegan & cruelty-free, certified by both PETA & THE VEGAN SOCIETY.

As many of you might be aware, most conventional nail polish removers are made using acetone which is, admittedly, an effective solvent which helps remove nail polish, but acetone can also be quite harmful to us as well as very drying to our skin. This is why we recommend avoiding nail polish removers which use acetone. Furthermore, alcohol is also often used in nail polish. Alcohol, while safe, can be quite a drying agent for our skin. For these reasons we have, obviously, not used any acetone in our nail polish remover and we also decided to not include alcohol into our formula. 

As mentioned previously, most conventional nail polish removers use acetone as their solvent. Any nail polish remover will need a solvent to be able to ultimately remove nail polish. The solvent is also what makes most of the nail polish remover. For this reason, we knew we wanted to find a safe but effective solvent which would also work without using alcohol. We are happy to say that our nail polish remover has been made using an ecological solvent namely Ethyl Lactate

Most of us know that removing nail polish is usually not a pleasant experience when it comes to smell. The quite simple reason for this is, as previously mentioned, because the nail polish remover’s most prevalent ingredient is the solvent and most solvents don’t smell particularly good. We truly wanted to do our best to create a remover which actually smells good. This was no easy task. The solvent we used, Ethyl Lactate, has a less potent smell and is therefore easier to blend with other scents. Our vision was to have a spa like scent for our remover which is why we have included natural eucalyptus & lemongrass essential oils which help give our nail polish remover it’s amazing smell. That’s right, this remover actually smells good (at least in our subjective opinion)!

As we have learned by now, nail polish removers are often filled with drying agents such as acetone and alcohol. To be honest, there is no solvent which is particularly moisturizing, not even the one we have used. We however wanted our nail polish remover to feel good before and after using it and to include some nourishing oils in the recipe. We also wanted to make sure that the recipe would not end up being too oily because it is also not comfortable to have very oily hands after removing nail polish. We decided to include organic jojoba and avocado oil into our formula which are nourishing to our nails and cuticles. Jojoba oil is particularly great because it’s a very non-oily oil (it’s officially a wax and not an oil) but is very nourishing. The avocado oil will on the other hand give more moisture and a smooth feeling to the recipe. 

For those of you who are curious here are the ingredients of our nail polish remover:
* *from controlled organic cultivation/  **natural essential oils

Those were the main characteristics (& ingredients) of our new vegan and natural nail polish remover(s). We hope that you are as excited as we are to use this product! Now let’s move on to the more pressing question: When and where can I buy this?

As you might have noticed, when this post is launched, our nail polish removers are not yet available in our online shop. We are working as hard and as fast as we can to launch these on our website so you can get your hands on them as soon as possible. The products will be launched in our online shop in December and they will be available in stores as of 2020.  

The Price? 
The Natural Vegan Nail Polish Remover 100ml – EUR 13,90
The Natural Vegan Nail Polish remover Pads – EUR 14,90

That was everything for now about our NEW upcoming nail polish remover! We hope you enjoyed this blog post and the introduction of our new product(s) and we hope that we could answer most of your questions you might have about our product. Let us know which option you are more excited about! 

P.S. We will link the new products as soon as they are online! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and/or follow us on Instagram so you will be the first to know when this product is available in our online store! 

Lots of Love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team 

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