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Kia’s Self-Care Routine

Amongst our daily responsibilities and to-do’s we all sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and our personal needs. Even though it can seem super hard to give yourself that much needed self-care, it’s so important that we all schedule that in our days and/or weeks. When we neglect ourselves and our personal needs we become increasingly stressed & anxious and even our skin, hair and nails might start to suffer. So, whether it’s “just” five minutes a day or one whole day a week, remember to schedule that time for just you and your needs. Self-care looks different to everyone and it’s important that you find the little things in life that make YOU feel zen. In today’s video Kia is sharing her go to self-care routine with some of her favorite natural and vegan beauty products. We hope you enjoy! 


Hi there, it’s Kia here and I am excited to get “a bit personal” in today’s blog and video and talk about my selfcare routine. First, I am going to be the first to admit that I don’t take nearly enough time for selfcare. When you are working so hard (and much) on a dream project (i.e. Kia-Charlotta), it’s hard to just “zone out” and “zen out”. I will however also be the one to tell you firsthand that when I neglect myself and my personal needs I tend to get completely overwhelmed and stressed out. I make it a goal to give myself one hour two to three nights a week for some “me time” where I take care of myself and just take a step back from all the craze and excitement that is running and growing Kia-Charlotta. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration for your own selfcare routine


To destress I first make sure to shut down all electronics, light some candles and put on some nice music. Before I start with my other selfcare activities I pour myself a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of wine as little signal to my brain and body that now it’s time to relax and focus on some me time. This immediately puts me in a very zen mood and inspires met to relish this time I am going to take just for me, myself and I.


Next I am going to take some time for some well-deserved pampering for my skin. This is going to be a little different each time but here is what an amazing skin care routine will look like for me on my selfcare moments:

- Washing my face

- Face Scrub

- Face Mask

- Face oil

- Moisturizer

The “magic” in making a somewhat routine task like skin care into a special spa-like self-pampering routine is to truly enjoy and relish each and every step of your skin care. I e.g. like to re-read the ingredients of the products to remind myself what exactly I am putting on my skin. It’s kind of like explaining myself why what I am putting on my skin is good for me – just like a cosmetologist would tell you at your facial. Maybe that sounds silly but this is what makes skin care such a relaxing self-care moment for me, because I feel like I am doing something special for my skin and wellbeing.


Next I will either meditate or do a short yoga stretching routine. I try to meditate on a regular basis, but I unfortunately cannot say that I meditate every day. This is why taking just 5-10 minutes time, two to three times a week for meditation is crucial for me. Meditation always instantly relaxes me and makes me feel more positive, calm and just zen with life. When I meditate, I sleep better, I breathe more consciously and deeply, and my mind feels clear. It’s truly a simple “medicine” that immediately makes me feel better, more focused and motivated with anything I do.

There are lot of scientific studies that have been done on the benefits of meditation which say that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, increases concentration and improves sleep amongst other things. If you havn’t tried meditation yet, then start incorporating this as part of your selfcare routine right now! It takes time to get used to meditation and it takes time before you feel the benefits. Give it time and I can (almost) guarantee that you will start feeling all the benefits and you won’t know how you used to live without it.


I love painting my nails, but what I hate is painting my nails in a hurry. Painting nails in a hurry just never gives the same perfect result as when you paint them with time and care. I honestly feel that many people who say their nail polish chips too quickly is because they were painting their nails in a hurry. That’s why I try to only paint my nails during my self-care routine where I take my time and truly enjoy the process. I always paint with a base coat, nail polish and a top coat and let it dry completely with no hurry because the result is always 100x better.

Painting your nails is a simple self-care act that can be so enjoyable, relaxing and even meditative. But the fun in painting your nails can be lost if it’s always done in a hurry. Surround yourself with candles, calm music and maybe a glass of wine (but careful not to drink too much. We don’t want to need to use the toilet too soon after painting our nails. Lol) and paint your nails with care and time. This means applying a base coat and painting two coats of nail polish. If you want some tips on how to paint your nails check out our blog post here where we show you how to get the perfect manicure. Also remember to apply a top coat afterwards which is truly game changing when it comes to the longevity of your manicure.

Those were my four simple yet super relaxing things I do in my self-care routine. I hope this could for the very least inspire you to give some more time for yourself and your priorities. Take care of yourself because only that way can you go out into the world and give the best and most out of you! Now I want to hear from you. What do you do for self-care? Leave your tips in the comments!

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,

Kia & your Kia-Charlotta team 

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