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Magic Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

As the crisp and cool mornings are becoming more and more frequent it’s also time to start wearing our favorite comfy sweaters. To match these cozy fall vibes, we have an amazing and magical nail art tutorial to share with you. The cool tones used in this minimal nail art tutorial not only match the temperatures but also the current trends. Watch the video and have fun recreating it!

Magic Stripes Nail Art Tutorial

Step 1: Apply A Base Coat on all your nails.

Step 2:.Place three pieces of thin (nailart) tape in random zig zags onto your nails as seen in the video above. 

Step 3: Apply a light and cool toned nail polish e.g. Free (icy lavender) on to each of your nails (on top of the tape).

Step 4: On your ring finger apply new stripes of tape (see video above) and apply a dark blue nail nail polish e.g. Talented on top of the icy lavender colour. Remove all tape strips immediately and wait for nail polish to dry. 

Step 5: Apply a transparent pear-blue nail polish e.g. Magic on all your nails to give a ›magical‹ effect as seen in the video above. 

Step 6: Once the nail polish is dry apply a top coat on all nails to ensure maximum longevity. 

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