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My nail polish has animals in it!?



So, what is not vegan about your nail polish? You might be surprised to hear that your nail polish most likely contains bugs and/or fish scales. BUGS and FISH SCALES?! Let me elaborate why: any red tone or shade of nail polish most likely will contain carmine which is a red pigment (which means it creates the red colour) and carmine comes from cochineal bugs. It takes up to 100,000 cochineal bugs to create just one kg of carmine. And the glitter and metallic nail polishes you have, they often contain fish scales which gives them their glitter or metallic effect.

Not only is this a little disturbing and disgusting it is also not exactly ethical. Harvesting bugs just in order to kill them to make a red pigment hardly sounds fair and the oceans are already overfished as it is. While fish scales may only be a byproduct of an already dead fish it still gives another source of income and profit to the fish meat companies and as long as they make money, they will keep fishing. Whether or not you agree if this is right or wrong why not leave the fish and bugs alone – especially when we can 100% do without them?

Quality nail polish does not need these ingredients! In fact, we believe the best nail polish is created without them. Kia-Charlotta nail polishes are long-lasting, quick-drying, opaque and quite simply fun to wear. We are also proudly registered by ›The Vegan Society‹ and ›PETA‹ which not only ensure that there are zero animal derived ingredients in our nail polish, but also ensure that no animal tests have been performed throughout our supply chain. 

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