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Nail Polish Do’s and Don’ts

Painting your nails might sound easy and simple but then when you do it, you look at your fingers and think “what did I do wrong!?!?”. Do you relate to this? In today’s video we share all the simple do’s and don’ts of painting your nails so that you can have a beautiful end result and effortlessly be able to paint your nails from the comfort of your own home. 

Nail Polish Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts when painting your nails which should help you be able to effortlessly and beautifully paint your own nails like a pro. Watch the video above for reference. 

1. DON’Tuse a metal or and emery paper nail file. These tools tend to be too harsh for your nails and can leave them uneven and quite frankly, smelling bad.
DO use a glass file. These always leave a beautiful finish to your nails and the filing does not leave a smell behind. 

2. DON’T file your nails with a back and forth motion. This easily leaves an uneven and harsh finish to the tips of your nails.
DO file in one direction. This will give you a beautiful finish to your manicure.  

3. DON’Tpaint your nails without closing/ painting the tip of your nails. This is a sure way for your nail polish to chip easier and quicker. 
DO paint the tips of your nails. “closing” the nail tip with nail polish will help your manicure last longer and will prevent chipping. If you havn’t tried this before, now is the time! Check the video above for reference.

4. DON’T start painting your nails too close to your skin or cuticles. This is a sure way to get your fingers looking messy.
DO start painting your nails with a slight space between your skin/cuticles. This is the secret trick to always having nails looking like you just came from the salon! 

5. DON’T paint your nails with just one thick coat of nail polish. This will leave an uneven finish, your nail polish will dry slower and most likely smudge on your clothes or even your skin.
DO paint two thin coat of nail polish. This will allow the nail polish to dry as well as spread evenly on your nails. Check the video above to see the difference!  

6. DON’T start painting your nails without first applying a base coat
DO start your manicure by applying a base coat. This way you have an even base to your nail polish which will also spread the nail polish evenly and beautifully. A Base coat will also protect your nails from staining and it also helps your nail polish better adhere to your nails. Have you read our blog post on why we you should use a top and base coat? Check it out here.

7. DO and always remember to finish your manicure with a top coat for extra shine and longevity of your manicure.

We hope these simple nail polish do’s and don’ts could help you out!
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Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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