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Nail Polish Gift Guide

Nail polish is an amazing option to give as a gift to one of your loved ones this Christmas. Why? Because it’s an affordable option which she (or he), if they use nail polish, will most definitely find useful and fun. Better yet is to choose a vegan & cruelty-free nail polish with less toxins! In today’s video we will give you some amazing tips and suggestions on which colours and products to choose for an amazing gift.  

Nail Polish Gift Guide     

There are many options to choose from when gifting someone nail polish. It’s important however to choose the colours and products wisely so that the person you are gifting the nail polish(es) to will find them useful and that they don’t end up having to keep (or worse throw away) something which they don’t like or use. 

Here is our ultimate nail polish Christmas gift guide:

1. The Essentials Set 
Let’s start this gift guide with one of our personal best sellers: The Essentials Set.
Basically, the essentials set includes a top coat, a base coat and a colour of your choice and this is the perfect gift since it is basically the perfect manicure set. The best and most long-lasting results, when it comes to nail polish, is achieved with this killer combination.
Shop our Essentials Set here.

2. Red Nail Polish
When it comes to which colour nail polish to choose as a gift, it really depends on the individual person (duh). Like we mentioned in the beginning, it’s best to gift something you feel certain that the person is going to love and use. This is why we want to recommend a red nail polish because almost everyone LOVES to use red nail polish as one of their basic colours. We have several red nail polishes in our collection but we recommend one of the following three: 

Successful – Cherry Red
I Can – Bright/ Classic Red
Tea Time – Vamp Red/ Dark Brown-Re

3. Nude Nail Polish
The next “safe” option when it comes to gifting someone a nail polish colour is a nude tone. Nudes are beautifully neutral which will go with any outfit and keep our nails looking elegant and chic. With nudes you can go with just a simple and classic nude tone, choose a more peachy-yellow nude or go for something with a mauve or pink undertone. From the Kia-Charlotta collection we can recommend the following three nude nail polishes: 

Intuitive Energy – Nude
Just Relax – Nude Pale Peach
Hygge – Mauve Taupe

4. Something Different
If you know your friend or loved one very well or you know they like almost any nail polish colour than we suggest choosing something a little different to spice up their collection. For the cold winter months and in preparation for New Year’s Eve we can suggest the following shades: 

Winter Wonderland – Metallic Sapphire Blue
Sweater Weather – Dark Teal
Starlit Sky – Light Silver

5. Nail Polish Remover
Last but not least we wanted to include a nail polish remover. If your friend or loved one uses nail polish, they will also need something to remove it with. We highly recommend you choose a nail polish remover without acetone and instead choose a product with an ecological solvent (removing agent). Now we know there are not too many in the market and we are happy to announce that our nail polish remover will be launching VERY soon and will be exclusively available on our online shop as of December and will be available in shops as of 2020. 

Lots of Love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team 

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