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Natural Nail Manicure – 2 Ways

For all of you who prefer a more minimal manicure, like to keep it simple or simply prefer an easy to maintain manicure – this tutorial is for you! In today’s video we show you two easy and simple ways to create a natural nail manicure which will make your natural nails look like fresh from the salon! We hope you enjoy! 

Natural Nail Manicure – 2 Ways

Today we have two options for you to try out if you are looking to create an easy natural nail manicure. Make sure to watch the video above for reference. 

Customers often ask us if we have a transparent nail polish. The answer to this is that we have a top coat which you can also use as a transparent nail polish to simply give more shine to your natural nails. To create a long lasting manicure, follow the following two steps for a simple transparent natural nail manicure. 

Step 1: Apply a base coat on all your nails.
Step 2: When dry apply two coats of top coat

Make sure to read our blog post on why using a top and base coat is important with any manicure here.

If you feel like your natural nails are more uneven in colour or that your tips are not e.g. not white enough for a simple transparent natural nail manicure, we suggest using a light transparent pink nail polish. This will give a slight natural pink tone to your nails whilst still remaining natural and chic. Follow these simple steps for this manicure:

Step 1: Apply a base coat on all your nails.
Step 2: Apply 1-2 coats (depending on whether you want it more or less opaque) of a transparent pink nail polish e.g. Believe on all your nails.
Step 3: Once dry, apply top coat on all your nails to ensure maximum longevity of your manicure.  

A French manicure is also a very natural look. Check out our tutorial on how to create a French manicure easily at home here. 

We hope you enjoyed our two simple natural nail manicure ideas. 

Remember to tag us on Instagram with #kiacharlotta if you do so we can see your beautiful nails! 

Lots of love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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