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Natural Summer Footcare

Taking care of our feet is important not only for the benefits of beautiful sandal feet but also for our overall wellbeing. It’s easy to take our feet for granted, especially if we are lucky enough to walk. Everyday our feet carry the whole weight of our bodies and our two feet contain more than 50 bones which accounts for about 1/4 of all our bones in our body. The fact is that if our feet get hurt, damaged or sore we consequently become more sedentary and we all know how an inactive lifestyle can damage our overall health. On top of that, our feet are in fact our first body parts to age. In today’s blog post and video, we give you some simple natural summer footcare tips which will not only help keep your feet (and you) healthy but also keep them looking sandal beautiful


Taking care of our feet doesn’t always mean going to an expensive masseuse or pedicure. Luckily there many things we can easily do ourselves in the comfort of our own surroundings to really give our feet that pampering which they deserve.



In summertime, there is no better medicine to your feet than mother earth herself. It’s time to take your shoes off and walk bare feet whenever and wherever you can (so long as it is a natural surface i.e. not on e.g. asphalt or the metro floor).

Walking barefoot on a natural service or “earthing” has actually been researched and shown to have a miriage of benefits on our wellbeing. What happens when you walk barefoot is that free electrons are transferred from the earth into the body. These electrons are best described as nature’s biggest antioxidants which reduce free radicals (free radicals lead to inflammation and disease). On top of being a very natural anti-inflammatory, Earthing is also considered an effective anti-aging “treatment”. It has also been shown to help eliminate chronic pain, improve your sleep and lower stress. All in all, it sounds like a wonderful and cost-effective foot massage as well as natural medicine which we can easily do by just stepping outside into the nature. So next time you are walking around in nature, take some time to truly enjoy the feeling of your bare feet touching the earth’s natural surface.


When it’s 30 degrees outside and your feet are feeling swollen and sensitive after a long day, the last thing we would ever think about is soaking them in a warm or hot footbath. Luckily however, in the summertime, there is also the amazing option of soaking your feet in ice cold water. Not only is this super refreshing but it has also been shown to have possible positive effects on our wellbeing. An ice bath has for example shown to reduce swelling and other inflammation as well as eliminate any pain. An ice bath to any part of your body can also be super energizing and is simply over all very refreshing. The next time you feel like your feet need a little pampering exchange the hot water to some cold water. You can always add in some peppermint essential oil for an extra dose of refreshment.


Since it’s summer and we are walking around barefoot, it’s extremely important that we take good care of our foot hygiene. The more our bare feet are exposed to public places, the more likely we are to develop foot funghi or any other kind of infections (no thank you). So, make sure you are washing your feet on a regular basis.

When washing your feet remember to also dry them properly (also between your toes) because any excess moisture can promote the growth of bacteria or fungi.

On top of washing your feet it’s also good to give your feet a good scrub every now and then. This will help keep your feet looking soft and smooth by removing any dead skin cells and thus making room for new soft skin cells to emerge. For your feet you can use a slightly harsher scrub since the skin on your feet is quite thick compared to anywhere else on our body. Check out some of our DIY scrub recipes here.


Obviously getting a massage from someone else, whether that be from a loved one at home or a professional masseuse, is the most relaxing thing. However, if you don’t have someone at home or and you don’t have the time (or money) to go to a weekly foot massage appointment then you can easily give yourself that well deserved foot massage.

To give yourself a foot massage start by massaging the top of your foot with your thumbs and work your way down to the sole of your foot. Try to apply as much pressure as you can (without tiring your hands). Also massage each individual toe by “stretching” them i.e. moving them back and forth whilst massaging with some pressure. This is going to feel so good as we often don’t really feel or move our toes. You can also use a little drop of olive oil to make the massaging a little easier and smoother for you and also to give some extra moisture and nourishment for your feet. Just remember to wear socks after so you don’t get oil all over your carpet.


Finally, once you have pampered your feet it’s time to treat yourself with a pedicure and make your feet sandal pretty. Check out our top five nail polish colours to wear on your toes here.

Nail polish can last a very long time on our feet (up to 8 weeks!) if we never remove it. This is because our toenails are usually much stronger than our fingernails and also, they are not exposed to as much activity as our hands are. However, even though the nail polish can last so long, it doesn’t mean you should keep it on your nails for so long. Remove your nail polish after (latest) four weeks and give your toenails some “air to breathe”. If you wait too long until you remove your nail polish, your nails can get a strong yellow colouring which really isn’t very flattering.

Those were our five natural summer footcare tips and tricks. We hope you got some inspiration to take good care of your feet and give them some well-deserved pampering.

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,

Kia & your Kia-Charlotta team

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