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Even though we are sad to see summer be almost over we are super excited to introduce some “new” colours into the Kia-Charlotta collection. This season’s collection is a super special collection which was a result of many external and internal factors. The reason we denote this season’s “new” colours with “” is because this season we are launching our first ever All-Star Collection with 15 bestselling colours chosen from colours from all of our previous collections. The amazing thing is, that these colours are all shades that YOU loved and have been asking to see relaunched and now, we have! We hope you enjoy the swatches! 


To be 100% honest, for a while we weren’t sure if we would be able to launch a new collection for Fall-Winter 2020. As the corona crisis escalated in March, we had to make quick decisions based on absolutely no understanding or experience on how and where the crisis would develop. We all have experienced insecure times during the crisis and so did we.

In March 2020, right about the time the lockdown was implemented in Munich, we were also just about to make a big order for new colours to test out for the new Fall-Winter 2020 season. Simultaneously, we also experienced our worst revenue setback since..well ever. It’s needless to say that the whole crisis got us worried not only for the health of ourselves and our loved ones but also for the survival of our business. We decided to wait a week to see how things would evolve but as things often are, we too were on a tight schedule. If we wanted to launch a new collection, we would have to order the sample colours NOW. 

A new collection always requires a lot of resources also financially and whilst we are always optimistic and believe we can get through anything we also knew that we had to make very careful and smart decisions to financially ensure that whether the worst or best happens, we can get through the crisis. So, after some deliberation we came up with a plan b which was to relaunch a mix of colours from our previous collections. This would be a middle way where we launch new colours for the new season but in a slightly more resourceful way. The decision felt strange but at the same time we had a very good feeling about it.

Since our company’s launch in June 2017, we have launched several collections and have also had significant growth throughout the years. The more we thought about this idea the more we came to love it. We often get messages asking for the relaunch of some colours and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. Moreover, we have had some epic colours in some of our first collections which so many of our current customers never got to see. And last but not at all least, this collection contains of only colours that we know you loved. They are our bestsellers and they are the ones most of you wanted to see again. We truly hope you love this collection as much as we do. 


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Super Powers – Wine Red
Determination – Deep red
Sun-Kissed – Rose Gold
Goal Digger – Taupe Pink
Inspired – Spruce Green
Bloom From Within – Dark Grey
Loved Ones – Nude Peach
Magic – Sheer Pearl Blue
Be Yourself – Cream
Pretty Awesome – Deep Purple
Abundance – Eggplant
Learn – Terracotta
Chillax – Violet
Expect Miracles – Light Grey
Kind Heart – Ballerina Pink 

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,
Kia & your Kia-Charlotta team

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