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The autumn season announces itself more and more - and also we are getting in the mood for the new fall/winter season! Full of excitement we can finally present our new vegan nail polish collection for this year's fall and winter! The new collection by Kia-Charlotta is dedicated to the little miracles, special memories and magical moments of everyday life. Thus, the "Miracles Collection" is meant to remind us how much magic is in the little things of everyday life and encourage us to be more mindful. All of our shades represent just such a miracle: the new collection brings together 15 unique colours, ranging from earthy beige variations to shimmering metallic eye-catchers. Of course, we also pick up on the top trends of the new season and show what will be a MUST this season with soft blue variations, shades with sparkling glitter particles and gentle earth tones. 



Who says that the autumn and winter months have to be full of monotony, gray and dreariness? We at Kia-Charlotta want to give the gray months more colour, energy and shine with our "The Miracles Collection"! The new vegan nail polish collection should inspire and uplift as well as bring more love into the wonderful moments of life, because we at Kia-Charlotta think that: Life is full of miracles! The new colour palette is as diverse as life itself: So the juicy peach caramel in "Sunrise" is a reminder of the wonderful colours of the sunrise, the friendly, delicate mint in "Empathy" of the warmth of our friends and the strong red in "Heart Beat" of the pulse of life in us. 15 unique nail polishes from Kia-Charlotta as "Beauty With A Soul", which make us shine even in autumn and winter and remind us of the beauty of life - 100% vegan nail polish up to 87% natural.



Sunrise – Peach Caramel

New Beginnings – Almond Brown

Serendipity – Dark Rose Shimmer

Soul Mate – Purple Mauve

Empathy – Light Mint

Dreams Come True – Gold-Green Shimmer

Dark Crystal – Metallic Dark Grey

Intuition – Azure Blue

True Love – Dark Mahogany Red

Cloud Nine – Baby Blue Shimmer

Emotions – Caramel Taupe

Golden Hour – Metallic Gold

Diversity – Metallic Violette

My Miracles – Dark Mocha

Heart Beat – Bright Red Shimmer


Just watch our swatch video to discover your new favourite colour and your little wonder! 

Have an amazing day full of miracles!

Lots of LOVE,
Vicky & your Kia-Charlotta team

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