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It's that time again! Full of joy we can finally present you our new nail polish collection for this year's spring-summer season! With our Spring/Summer 2021 collection we want to pick up the theme "Selflove" and thus declare our nail polish a statement for more self-love. All our shades represent an important element of selflove, to encourage doing good for yourself – like for exampe Empowerment, Independent or You do You. With this versatile palette ranging from powdery pastels to bold reds, there's sure to be something for everyone! Just check out our swatch video to discover your new favorite color and selflove mantra!  


The new collection is meant to stimulate, inspire and uplift because we at Kia-Charlotta think:  Selflove is key! Therefore the new color palette is as versatile as the different types of self-love: from the soft pale brown "Authentically Me" to the biggest trend of the season, the rich lavender shade "Inhale Exhale" – with the versatile palette Kia-Charlotta ensures new favorite colors for sustainable beauty fans and stays true to the credo "Beauty With A Soul". 


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Authentically Me – Pale Brown
Truly Shine – Metallic Lavender
Little Hug – Pink Lavender
Empowered – Metallic Mahogany
Healing – Soft Metallic Turquoise
Independent – Shimmering Turquoise Blue
Respect – Raspberry Pink
My Own Hero – Metallic Tangerine
You Do You – Cream Caramel
Well-Being – Coral Peach
My Life My Rules – Neon Pink
Trust Your Heart – Strawberry Red
Be Patient – Metallic Pistachio
Inhale Exhale – Deep Lavender
No Means No – Purple Pink 

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,
Vicky & your Kia-Charlotta team

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