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Our Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is right on our doorstep and it is definitely time to start thinking about gifts. Nail polish is an amazing gift to give to any girl or woman, but what colour? In today’s video, we share our top picks for our moms, daughters, girlfriends or besties. With Kia-Charlotta nail polishes, it’s not only about ›which colour?‹ but also the message we want to send to our loved ones.

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

For my Mom

In our experience, our moms, aunties and grandmas tend to like the classic colours. We asked around and found that the favourites were the following two shades from the Kia-Charlotta nail polish collection:

1. Determination – a perfect dark red colour

2. Super Powers – a wine-red colour

For my Daughter

If you are buying for your daughter, you may want to give them something fun and perhaps a little bit more daring. Here are our top picks to give your daughter:

1. Happy Habits – a set of three with beautiful colourful tones including a dark teal, a terracotta orange and a berry pink colour. 

2. Go For It – a lilac-blue colour

For my Girlfriend

Your girlfriend will thank you for some beautiful shades of nail polish. Here our favourite shades you could give her:

1. Smiles – a rusty red colour

2. Kind Heart – a nude pink colour

3. Sprinkles of Positivity – a set of three including the two above colours and a champagne gold colour.

For my Bestie

Nail polish is an amazing gift to give to any of your friends; it’s something small, useful and beautiful. This Christmas send your bestie a beautiful message with one of our nail polishes and its name. Here are our suggestions:

1. Pretty Awesome – a deep purple colour (+ your friend is pretty awesome, right?)

2. Be Yourself – a cream colour (+ because you love your friend for who she is )

3. Self-Love Club – a set of three including the two colours above and a wine-red colour. (+ we want our besties to love themselves just as much as we love her )

We hope you enjoyed this Christmas gift guide and got some inspiration. We wish you happy holidays and will see you again in our next video.

Lots of love,

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