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Our commitment to the environment - Kia-Charlotta is climate-neutral

We at Kia-Charlotta love animals and our planet, which is why we also want to stand up for protecting them. So we can finally proudly and happily announce that we are carbon neutral! The cooperation with ClimatePartner allows us to run and design our company and all our products as eco-friendly as possible, so that we as a vegan beauty brand do our best to act as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible. In the following post, you'll learn all about climate neutrality at Kia-Charlotta and why this issue is so important to us. 


And it is just because we love our planet so much that we have decided to take the step towards climate neutrality in order to help protect our environment and biodiversity. But what exactly does the term "climate neutrality" mean? 

Climate neutrality means that the carbon footprint of a company, product, service or event can be calculated based on internationally recognized standards and fully offset by supporting international climate protection projects. These climate protection projects save CO2 - for example through reforestation or the expansion of renewable energies - so that compensation is achieved. Independent organizations check the exact amount of CO2 savings so that projects can be implemented worldwide to protect and preserve our planet. ClimatePartner's "climate neutral" label certifies that unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions or CO2 emissions are offset by such projects. 




From vision to reality

As a vegan natural cosmetics brand, Kia-Charlotta has been focused on animal welfare and sustainability since its founding. As such, we are constantly trying to improve and grow, which led us to look for more ways to make our vision a reality. With ClimatePartner, we found a partner that helped us realize our goals and compensate for our carbon footprint. 

This required a lengthy certification process, which begins by determining the carbon footprint of the entire company, known as the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). This provides an overview of where CO2 emissions occur and how high they are, so that they can be compensated in the next step. It also allows goals to be set for reducing these emissions. In addition to direct and indirect factors, the calculations also take into account criteria along the entire value chain, such as electricity consumption, raw materials, logistics, business travel and employee commuting. In addition to the entire company, each product is also examined for its respective CO2 balance.

This elaborate process is necessary in order to develop a holistic and customized climate protection strategy based on the CO2 footprint in the next step. In this way, the program offers the opportunity to offset unavoidable emissions in order to make the company and its entire product portfolio climate-neutral. The projects we have chosen here are presented below:




Forest protection in Brazil - CO2 compensation of the company 

Forests are among the most important CO2 reservoirs on the planet, are home to enormous biodiversity and are the basis of life for us humans. However, global forest areas have declined sharply in recent decades due to increasing settlement, agricultural use, illegal deforestation and raw material extraction. Depending on the project region, forests store different amounts of CO2 per hectare. Particularly high amounts of carbon are stored in the vegetation and soil of tropical swamp forests, primary rainforests or mangroves.

Forest conservation projects ensure that forests are preserved in the long term and that the protection of forests is valued more highly than their deforestation. We support the "Ecomapuá" project in Pará at the in the Brazilian Amazon region. Covering more than 86,000 hectares, the project protects the forest and prohibits commercial deforestation. It creates alternative sources of income for the local families, for example through trade in the açaí fruit. This fruit is not only popular in Brazil, but is also increasingly in demand as a superfood in industrialized countries. Because the project thus promotes development in one of the poorest regions in northeastern Brazil, it is particularly important.

Learn more here




Stopping the plastic flood in the Atlantic Ocean - CO2 compensation of the product portfolio

To compensate for the CO2 emitted by our products, we support the "Plastic Bank," an organization that works to protect the oceans worldwide and rid them of plastic. The ocean stores a quarter of the CO2 from the atmosphere and as much as 93 percent of the heat from the greenhouse effect - making it a major brake on climate change. Warming, overfishing, pollutants and waste are endangering this balancing function. 

The "Plastic Bank" initiatives prevent plastic waste from entering the ocean and thus protect marine life, microorganisms and endangered species. By offsetting one ton of CO2, 10 kg of plastic is collected. This is equivalent to about 500 plastic bottles. This plastic is recycled and processed into so-called "social plastic", which serves as raw material for new products such as packaging. The vegan lipstick from Kia-Charlotta, for example, is also made of 100% PCR (recycled plastic) and is completely recyclable.

Learn more here.




We hope that we could give you a little insight into the topic of "climate neutrality" and why this is so important. As a vegan natural cosmetics brand, we at Kia-Charlotta are particularly proud to have ClimatePartner as a partner, since the compensation of CO2 emissions, in addition to avoidance and reduction, is an important step in holistic climate protection. We want to do our utmost to act as sustainably and environmentally conscious as possible, and thereby also inspire other companies to act, true to the principle WE LOVE THE PLANET! 


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Lots of love,

Vicky & the Kia-Charlotta-Team

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