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Pastel Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Since pastel nail polishes are so IN this summer season, it can sometimes seem hard to choose which pastel colour to paint on your nails so why not instead just create a pastel ombre rainbow with ALL the pastels? In today’s nail art tutorial, we share how to create this super easy and simple nail design with minimal equipment so that everyone can easily recreate this at home.

Pastel Ombre Nail Art Tutorial  

We love pastel nail polishes and we know you love them too! This nail art tutorial is super easy to create at home as all you need is some pastel nail polish colours and a makeup sponge. It’s good to note that pastel nail polishes often take 2-3 coats to be opaque which is why we paint a white base using white nail polish for this nail design – this way the pastels will just POP with their beautiful colours! You will also need a good nail polish remover to clean up your fingers in the end. 

Vegan Nail Polishes we used:
Seashell Seashell - White
Peppermint Kiss – Mint Green
A Love Letter – Baby Pink
Something Blue – Light Blue


Step 1: Start by applying a Base Coat.

Step 2: Apply two coats of a white nail polish e.g. Seashell Seashell.

Step 3: On the lower edge of a make-up sponge first paint a coat of a pastel green nail polish (e.g. Peppermint Kiss), right above that a coat of pastel pink nail polish (e.g. A Love Letter) and above that a pastel blue nail polish (e.g. Something Blue). Tap the sponge with the nail polish on your nails to create the gradient/ombre effect (make sure the white nail polish is dry before doing this). Repeat this step once more. See video above too see how this is done. 

Step 4: Remove the nail polish off your skin using a natural nail polish remover. Do this with the help of a bamboo cotton swab (we used the ones from Pandoo) and/or a thin paint brush. See video above.

Step 5: Once nail polish is dry, finish off with a Top Coat.  

That was our nail art tutorial for today! We hope you enjoyed! Make sure to share your recreation of this nail art with us on Instagram by tagging us with @kiacharlotta. 

Have an amazing day!

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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