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Poppy Nail Art Tutorial

A clear sign of summer is when all the flowers like poppies are full in bloom! I don’t know about you, but we love flowers and how they can instantly brighten up a room or anything else for that matter. So today, in celebration of the beginning of this glorious time of year, lets paint some flowers on our nails. We hope you enjoy this poppy nail art tutorial. 

Poppy Nail Art Tutorial 

Step 1: Start by applying a base coat on all your nails.

Step 2: Next, on your little finger, fore finger and thumb paint two coats of a bright red nail polish e.g. I Can or Laughter. On your ring and middle finger paint two coats of white nail polish e.g. Seashell Seashell. 

Step 3: Once your nail polish has dried start painting red poppies on your ring and middle finger using the same red colour you used in step 2. Simply use a thin brush and paint “messy”, uneven circles to imitate the shape of a poppy. See video above. Then, using a black nail polish (e.g. A Brave Soul) paint a small dot in the middle of this red spot. 

Step 4: Next we will paint the stems of the poppy flowers using a green nail polish e.g. Petrichor. Simply paint a thin and fine line from the bottom of the red poppy flower to the end of your nail tips. You can also paint more stems for a greener and more realistic look. See video above.

Step 5: Once the flowers are dry, apply a top coat on all your nails for maximum longevity of your manicure. 

We hope you enjoyed today’s summery nail art tutorial! Remember to tag us on Instagram with #kiacharlotta if you do so we can see your designs! 

Lots of Love,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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