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Probiotics for beauty and wellbeing with her1

We always say that strong nails, clear skin and healthy hair all starts from within. What we feed our body in addition to getting all the essential nutrients and vitamins is where it all starts. Today we are going to talk about something that often gets overlooked when it comes to our health and beauty: probiotics. Probiotics are the good kind of bacteria that we want in our body and, amongst other amazing benefits, they help improve our digestion which can also have a huge impact on the health of our skin, nails and health in general. Today’s blog post is in collaboration with the amazing Her1 who have created a probiotic supplement specifically for women. 


Probiotics for beauty and wellbeing with her1 

By now many of us know that good nutrition is so important if we want to be and look healthy. We tend to know the basics on which vitamins help improve our overall health and we make sure we eat enough whole foods with all the healthy nutrients or, if we find ourselves being deficient in something, we take a supplement. Probiotics are something most of us have heard about, but they still seem to be more in the shadows even though they are actually super important for our overall health. Probiotics are considered key to regulated digestion, a strong immune system and clear skin. This blog post is a summary of an article which was written by the probiotic experts at Her1. Go read the full article here.

Health Starts with a Healthy Gut
Digestion is so important when it comes to our health in general but also for our skin and nails, and probiotics are essential for good digestion. Indigestion is one of the most common complaints of our time. I mean who hasn’t felt bloated or any other discomfort around their abdomen at some time in their life? If you are someone who often feels bloated, has heartburn or experiences any other kind of digestive issues, it’s good to start addressing the problem sooner rather than later. Not only is indigestion uncomfortable but it can also have a negative effect on your overall health, skin and nails as well as wellbeing in general.

This is why it makes sense to learn about how digestion works, the role of probiotics in it and perhaps finding the right probiotic supplement for you. Of course, make sure you consult a health professional when you are feeling any symptoms of indigestion.

Digestion, Bacteria & the Importance of Probiotics
The most important connections between digestion and bacteria and why taking probiotics is worthwhile for your health and skin can be found in the article written by her1 here. There you will learn more about the following points: 

1. What is the microbiome?
2. What is the role of intestinal bacteria?
3. What are the special features of lactobacteria and bifidobacteria?
4. What is the effect of probiotics?
5. What is the importance of prebiotics?

For our English-speaking friends, we have translated the article from her1 below. 

1. What is the microbiome?
It’ hard to believe it sometimes but our intestines are home to billions of bacteria. The entirety of these tiny organisms is known as the intestinal flora or microbiome and plays a central role in our metabolism, our immune system and our overall well-being.

A person's intestinal flora is almost as individual as his fingerprint: the microbiome is made up of at least 500 to 1,000 different types of bacteria and is constantly changing. Lifestyle and diet influence colonization as well as treatment with medication such as antibiotics.

2. What is the role of intestinal bacteria?
Intestinal bacteria perform a variety of functions in the human body: they help digest our food and break it down into nutrients. They stimulate our immune system and prevent the growth of disease-causing microbes. In addition, they produce the vital B vitamins B2, B7 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), B12 and vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting.

We feel particularly good when our intestinal flora is in balance. However, if "bad" intestinal bacteria or fungi, such as Candida Albicans, get out of hand, indigestion, allergies, intolerance, autoimmune diseases or even psychological problems can occur. Digestion problems are often also found on the skin: when the intestine strikes, pollutants are increasingly excreted through the skin, which leads to impurities.

3. What are the special features of lactobacteria and bifidobacteria?
Lactobacteria and bifidobacteria are probiotic strains that naturally occur in large numbers in the human intestine and have a major impact on our health. While lactobacteria colonize the small intestine in particular, bifidobacteria are increasingly found in the large intestine.

Both are lactic acid-producing bacteria and thus one of the most important inhabitants of the human intestine. They not only support digestion, they also strengthen the barrier function of the intestinal mucosa and the immune system. The lactic acid they produce keeps the intestinal environment acidic, which makes it difficult for disease-causing bacteria such as salmonella, coli or putrefactive bacteria to multiply.

4. What is the effect of probiotics?
Certain foods can help balance bacteria. Dairy products or fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kombucha or miso paste, naturally contain “good” lactic acid bacteria. To significantly improve the harmony in the intestine, however, high-dose probiotics are far more effective than the right diet: With 25 billion CFU (colony-forming units), a daily dose of Inner Beauty contains about the same amount of probiotic microorganisms as 2.5 kg of yoghurt.

Probiotics are microorganisms, the intake of which has a positive effect on our health. The term 'probiotics' is composed of the Latin 'pro' = 'for' and the ancient Greek 'bios' = 'life'. It is crucial that the ingested bacteria survive the path through the aggressive gastric environment without damage in order to be able to colonize and multiply in the intestine.

5. What is the importance of prebiotics?
Probiotic bacteria multiply best when the right food is available. So-called prebiotics allow the microbes to grow and thrive. These are dietary fibers or indigestible carbohydrates, which are found particularly in plant-based foods. Inulin, which occurs naturally in Jerusalem artichoke, agave or chicory, is considered the ideal nutrient for lactobacteria and bifidobacteria.

The Inner Beauty powder mixture contains three probiotic strains of bacteria, the positive effects of which on digestion are evident in many studies. In addition to Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, bio-certified inulin from agave and dietary fiber from peas, baobab and strawberries are part of the recipe to promote the growth of bacteria in the intestine.

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About Her1
her1 creates supplements which are specifically designed for women in different stages of their life whether they are pregnant, mothers or just somebody who wants to take care of their body and health. 

her1 supplements combine the best of nature and science in recipes that work without synthetic additives. Their products contain functional foods, effective medicinal plants and natural bacterial cultures and they bring harmony in the stomach and strengthen the intestinal flora, because only a long-term healthy intestine ensures a strengthened immune system, increased well-being and radiantly beautiful skin and nails - from the inside out.

Lots of LOVE,
Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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