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Sustainable Christmas Gift Wrappings

Christmas is slowly getting closer and all of us are surely busy with preparing and wrapping our presents nicely for our loved ones. We take our time to wrap them in beautiful Christmas wrapping paper, put beautiful bows on them but surely, we often forget how much trash we produce during this time. This year we’ll make a change! We will show you 5 sustainable ways to wrap your Christmas Present.



In average every person gives away at least 5 presents a year. Thinking about our whole population you could only imagine how many trees have to be cut down only to produce wrapping paper which will be printed with festive symbols and Christmas sayings. But, there is a sustainable way to wrap your presents. Lets try not to buy any Christmas wrapping paper this year and use things we already got at home instead. We´ve collected some ideas for you, to decorate your presents nicely.


1. Old newspaper 

We are pretty sure you can find an old newspaper lying around somewhere. Instead of throwing it away you can use it as wrapping paper. Newspaper is good to use as wrapping paper since its thin, you can easily fold it but its also solid in its own way. You can use it for every shape, square, round, big or small. You can even fold festive bows for your presents and colour you present with beautiful festive motives after wrapping it.


2. Cloths or Rags

Old fabrics and cloths are ideal for wrapping gifts. The special Japanese cloth technique Furoshiki is ideal for wrapping small things. Here you can find a simple tutorial for this technique. The great thing is, the cloth can be used after and therefore you don't produce any waste.


Watch the tutotial here:

3. Toilette Paper Rolls 

Who would have thought that used toilet paper rolls could be such beautiful gift wrapping? Be sure to collect your remaining rolls and use them this Christmas to wrap small gifts like jewelry, pendants or Kia-Charlotta nail polishes. Just fold in both ends of the toilet paper roll and voila! Now you can paint and decorate the roll with a self-made bow.


4. Twigs and Mistle Toes

How about just grabbing some decorative items from mother nature. Whether small twigs, mistle toes or flowers. You can use anything that gets in your way, be creative! Your loved one will surely be happy about the individual, natural packaging.


5. Jam Jars

Old jam jars and bottles are just waiting for them to be reused. Fill them with self-made jam, self-made cookies or even baking mixtures. There are so many possibilities you can create. If you decorate them in a cute festive way, it doesn´t acutally matter whats in it. You will make your loved ones smile anyway. 


That was our list of 5 sustainable ways you can wrap your Christmas presents. Now we want to hear from you! Share your most creative ways to wrap Christmas presents sustainably!
Let us know in the comments!

Lots of LOVE,

Ines & your Kia-Charlotta team

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