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The favorites of Influencer Anina Gepp

We have teamed up with influencer Anina Gepp and are happy to have such a great and strong woman on board. On her Instagram account aniahimsa she talks about her conscious and sustainable life daily, gives helpful tips and inspires us with amazing recipes, yoga, outfits and a unique philosophy towards life.


Anina is 26 years old and lives in Lucerne, Switzerland together with her boyfriend. Besides her successful Instagram account, she runs a very creative and informative blog and also offers a great yoga retreat. Anina is an all-round talent and is full of energy, which she consciously uses in her life to also passes on to her community. She provides her community with vegan recipes, tips for your mental health or even her know-how about fair fashion.  For years Anina has only been using natural cosmetics and has therefore also tested our nail polish. In the following you will learn more about Anina's nail polish favorites from Kia-Charlotta and what she thinks about them!



For a long time Anina has consciously decided not to wear nail polish on her nails. Why? Many nail polishes contain ingredients that are harmful to humans and the environment. Some of them are even carcinogenic and hormonally effective. All the more she is happy to have found a brand with Kia-Charlotta, which is free of harmful substances, as natural as possible and offers her the possibility to wear nail polish with a clear conscience. Our 100% vegan and cruelty free nail polishes have not only convinced her with their great formula, but also with the quality of coverage and durability. "In my opinion, Kia-Charlotta really does a lot of things right," says Anina. 


Harmonizing to october Anina has chosen her nail polish favorites and perfectly matched them to the season. Her favorites Super Powers, Learn and Determination contain everything that nature has to offer. Whether a vibrant orange or a dark wine red, this fall you can match your nails to the blooming leaves and enjoy the cozy sweater weather with style.

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Get to your Must Have Sets here and put together the Reason to Smile Set with Anina's favorites! 

Check out Aninas Instagram @aniahimsa.

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of LOVE,

Your Kia-Charlotta Team

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