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Unique nail art and maintaining beautiful nails – an Interview with the Instagrammer “Nagelfuchs”

Sarah or “Nagelfuchs” as we know her on Instagram creates unique nail art designs and has beautiful nails we all wish we would have. With over 10,000 followers on Instagram she shares her love for computer games, anime as well as other cute and/or beautiful art through nail designs which are always 100% vegan. Her nails are what you see on our website and we often get asked “HOW can I also get nails like that!?” – today on our interview she answers this questions as well lets us in on what inspires her to create each of her unique designs.


The pictures above are just some of the amazing examples of nail art which Sarah from Nagelfuchs creates. How does someone come up with such unique ideas and how can we get such beautiful nails?  Sarah lets us know here.

1.  On Instagram, you are known for your detailed and unique nail art. Where do you get your inspiration for your nail designs?

Thank you for the compliment.
Mein inspiration sources vary. Either the nail polish colour reminds of a certain character or design, or I see something on the Internet e.g. on Pinterest what I like. Often, it’s also things like games, movies or pieces of art that I see and just want paint on my nails.

2. In average, how long does it take to create your unique designs?

Time really flies when I am painting my nails. For me it’s relaxing and I’m just in my element. I guess in average it takes around two hours, sometimes three..uups ;)

3. How did you come to design such special nail designs

I study art and there and there I was always painting on big paper. I always loved painting my nails with just one colour and then in 2014 I came up with the idea to paint “Wasserschlangen II” from Gustav Klimt on my nails. There the canvas was of course much smaller than what I was used to which made it interesting. Shortly after that I started my Instagram account to be a part of the inspiring and loving nail art community.

4. How long have you been vegan and what made you go vegan?

I am vegan now almost 4 years and for me it was the logical consequence since I had already previously made sure to only use cruelty-free products. Like many people these days, I also am of the opinion that animals should not have to suffer to please our needs or life standards. Of course, the fact that being vegan also has a positive impact on the environment as well las our health is a nice addition.

5. Do you feel that the vegan lifestyle has had a positive (or negative) impact on the health of your nails?

My nails are definitely very strong and almost never break. A healthy diet definitely supports ths but I also thing my nail shape helps them stay strong and healthy.

6. Was the transition to a vegan diet difficult for you? What some of were your challenges?

Honestly, I went vegan and changed my eating habits all in one day simply because I couldn’t live knowing that I was (indirectly) exploiting animals. For others I am sure it is easier to make a gradual transition to get used to a vegan lifestyle. YouTube videos, vegan recipes and awesome Instagram accounts helped me a lot in the beginning to find ideas for e.g. what to eat or wear. At first it was more difficult and time consuming because I had to always read the ingredients of every product but after a while I found the products that I love. Since becoming vegan I have started to enjoy cooking and experimenting recipes much more!

7. Now, what we all are dying to know: How do you take care of your nails?

I file my nails regularly with a glass file and try to make sure that they don’t get harmed during my everyday life. On top of that I love using hand and nail oils which you can easily mix yourself. My favourites are almond oil, vitamin e oil and jojoba oil.

8. And finally, which nail polish colours are curently your favourites? And what is your favourite from Kia-Charlotta? ;)

On my nails I love wearing pastel colours like “Imagine”, “Free” or “Lavender sky” from Kia-Charlotta. A light lilac tone is probably my all time favourite colours

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