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We Love Animals - Our Commitment to Animal Welfare

“I love animals” is something we hear people often say. And why wouldn’t we all love animals? They are cute, cuddly and above all innocent. However, it is no secret anymore that within society not all animals are seen equal and that whilst pets like dogs, cats, bunnies, and hamsters are loved and protected, other animals like cows, pigs & chickens are simply commodities through which we are ultimately fed, clothed, and even washed. In the medical and beauty industry even the animals that we usually welcome as our pets, are often “just test subjects” and in some countries cruelty-free beauty is still far away from reality. At Kia-Charlotta we set animal welfare as a priority in anything that we do, and we are forever against animal testing. What exactly does this mean and what is the status with cruelty-free beauty within the EU? In this article you will learn more about this and we will also talk about what it exactly means when we say “we LOVE animals”.



Are you already familiar with our bunny logo under which we say “we love animals”? This little fella is our friend who carries our important message with us in everything we do. This icon and message embodies everything we are devoted to when it comes to animal welfare at Kia-Charlotta. At Kia-Charlotta we love animals and respect all creatures. We do not differentiate between any living being instead believe that all animals whether that’s a dog, cow, mouse, or spider are a beautiful part of our world that deserve our kindness, and which certainly don’t belong in our cosmetics. “We LOVE animals” is not just about being cruelty-free but so much more. Here are the three aspects of Kia-Charlotta’s “We LOVE Animals” message & commitment:

1. Cruelty-Free by Law – Against Animal Testing by Heart

If you are not new to Kia-Charlotta then you may have noticed that we do not carry Peta’s “Cruelty-Free” logo with us anymore. This is because beauty brands within the EU are not allowed to claim their products or brand as cruelty-free because, in the EU, testing beauty products or their ingredients on animals is illegal – so claiming your product as cruelty-free (even with PETA’s logo) would be stating the self-evident (and claiming the self-evident is not allowed). We are still however registered by PETA and support their efforts in creating a better world for animals.

So, if you have ever asked if Kia-Charlotta is cruelty-free the answer is of course and by law YES. Animal testing laws are however different in other parts of the world, and we will not be happy until testing cosmetic products and their ingredients is illegal everywhere in the world! So, whenever you are buying cosmetic products from outside the EU remember to keep your eyes open and don’t support companies who actively test on animals!


2. Vegan Inside & Out

Kia-Charlotta exists because the vegan founder found it difficult to easily and quickly find good quality and natural beauty products which are always 100% vegan. For someone who lives a vegan lifestyle it is nothing new that so many everyday items have animal derived ingredients or materials in them but for those who don’t live a vegan lifestyle it seems shocking to hear that, yes, even nail polish is often not vegan and yes, most make-up products contain at least one animal derived ingredient whether that’s carmine (from cochineal bugs), lanolin (extracted from sheep’s wool) or keratin (from e.g. hooves). And this is just to mention a few non-vegan ingredients in beauty products.

With the love and respect, we at Kia-Charlotta have towards ALL animals and creatures we would never include any animal derived ingredients in our products and believe (and KNOW) that premium beauty products can be made 100% vegan. All our products are also certified by “The Vegan Society”.


3. Supporting an Animal Welfare Organization

When it comes to creating our products, we are 100% vegan and always against animal testing! Unfortunately, there still are billions of animals who suffer in different and unimaginable ways. Therefore, it was important to us to be a part of helping animals by supporting an animal welfare organization who have the resources, skills, and expertise to make a meaningful difference when it comes to animal welfare. We are happy to say that we regularly make donations to the amazing organization “Vier Pfoten” and if you ever feel like helping animals in need, we can highly recommend supporting them and their amazing efforts in creating a better and more humane world to our friends.

About Vier Pfoten

“Vier Pfoten” are committed to the humane treatment of stray dogs & cats as well as humane living conditions for pets and farm animals. With protection centers around the world “Vier Pfoten” is equipped to rescue animals from abusive homes or captivity and rehome them in species-appropriate habitats or homes. Not only that, “Vier Pfoten” also actively strives to achieve a change in politics, business and society for better and long-term solutions for animal welfare.

Read more here:

More and more companies are becoming active in helping animals and more and more beauty companies have committed to stop animal testing which we are so happy about. We hope we can be an example that creating amazing and beautiful products can be made with love and kindness towards animals. Together we can stop animal testing on beauty products in the world and make vegan beauty a norm. It all starts by rethinking the way we consume beauty!

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Lots of LOVE,

Kia & your Kia-Charlotta Team

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