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Why Top and Base Coat?

A lot of people ask us about top and base coat and wonder what the uses of them are. In today’s video we answer your most common questions such ›what is top and base coat?‹, ›what’s the difference between top and base coat?‹, and ›why do we recommend them‹? 

Our base coat has three main functions and benefits:

1.Our Base Coat acts as a sort of ›glue‹ and helps the nail polish adhere to your nails. This is why you do not have to wait until the base coat is completely dry until you start applying nail polish.

2.Using Base Coat as a first layer is helpful to prepare a smoother surface for the nail polish. Not everybody’s nails are completely even and free from small imperfections. A layer of base coat can help smooth out the natural surface of your nail.

3. Finally, the base coat will help protect your natural nails from any discolorations. Some brighter colours may leave your nails with a little colour even after removing the nail polish and since the base coat acts as a protective layer, it will help prevent that. 

Our top coat has three main functions and benefits:

1. Our Top Coat is like a colourless nail polish and it gives a extra shiny finish to your manicure.

2. The top coat acts as a final layer of nail polish and it also dries a little harder making it a perfect protective coat for your nail polish and will ensure a longer lasting manicure.

3. Finally, wehighly recommend re-applying a top coat every two or three days to further prevent your manicure from chipping. We all have that one or two fingers where the nail is not as strong, and the polish tends to chip easier. Reapplying top coat helps prevent premature chipping. 

Further Tips for a Perfect Manicure

1. If you are looking for a colourless and clear nail polish you can simply use our top coat.

2. One coat of nail polish is enough for almost all of our colours, but we recommend using two coats to intensify the colour and this will also expand the life spam of your manicure.

3. For best results first apply a base coat after which you can directly apply nail polish (we recommend two coats). Finally, after the nail polish is dry, apply a layer of top coat on all your nails

We hope you now better understand why we recommend a top and base coat for everybody. We wish you an amazing and relaxing week.

Lots of LOVE,



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