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Winter Nail & Hand Care Routine for Soft Hands

As winter is getting closer and the air is getting cold, our skin tends to get dry and even itchy. Needless to say, amazing hand care is essential to maintain those soft and beautiful hands and nails. Today Kia shares her hand care routine which helps keep her dry and itchy hands moisturised and flawless. Watch the video below and/ or read more! 

Hand and Nail Care Routine:

1. After the first signs of chipped nail polish, I remove my nail polish making sure to only use acetone free nail polish removers. After that I wash my hands.

2. 2 - 4 times a week I will cut my nails and/or file them into shape. This is best done after washing your hands with warm water because your nails will be soft and easier to cut into shape. 

3. After cutting my nails, I like to give my hands a scrub. This helps to remove any dead skin and leaves them feeling super soft. You can use any hand or even body scrub you like. I decided to make my own by mixing olive oil and suger which I can highly recommend.

4. As a final step to my hand and nail care routine I will indulge in a little oil "bath" for my nails. I will mix some lemon juice wih some olive oil and soak my hands and nails in there for around 10-15 minutes. I will also make sure to rub the mixture in my nails and cuticles whilst giving a small massage. This is truly my favourite part of my nail care routine. 

5. Remove any excess oil by rinsing your hands with water but do not use soap. We want to leave the oil on our hands for the night time and wake up with extra soft hands in the morning. 

That was my nail care routine. I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration. Remember to not apply nail polish right after the oil bath or scrub. In the morning wash your hands and nails thoroughly before applying nail polish. Any extra oil on your nails will repel the nail polish and will lead to a bad manicure. 

Now its your turn. Have any great tips or ideas? Leave them in the comments below.

Nail Polish Seen in the Video:Be Grateful - Berry Pink

Lots of love,

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