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Winter Wonderland Nail Art Tutorial

In todays tutorial we show you our first Christmas nail art tutorial for 2017. This nail art includes some fun colours and snowflakes which makes it not only perfect for Christmas but also for the winter times. We hope you enjoy! Watch video for the tutorial and see details below. 

Winter Wonderland Nail Art Tutorial 

Step 1: Apply base coat on all your nails

Step 2: Apply a lilac nail polish (Go For It from Kia-Charlotta) on all your nails. This finishes best with two coats. 

Step 3: Apply rough strokes of a dark purple nail polish (Pretty Awesome from Kia-Charlotta) on each nail as seen on the video above.

Step 4: Once dry (approx. 2 min), apply rough strokes of gold nail polish (Good Vibes from Kia-Charlotta) on each nail.

Step 5: Once dry, start painting a big snow flake on your ring finger with a white nail polish (Seashell Seashell  from Kia-Charlotta) as seen in the video above using a thin brush.

Step 6: On all other fingers paint smaller stars/ snowflakes with a white nail polish (Seashell Seashell  by Kia-Charlotta)  as seen in the video above using a thin brush. 

Step 7: Finish up by applying top coat on all your nails for extra shine and opacity. 

We hope you enjoyed this nail art tutrial!

Vegan Nail Polish Used 

Lilac-Blue: Go For It
Deep Purple: Pretty Awesome
Gold: Good Vibes
White: Seashell Seashell
Base Coat
Top Coat

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