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World Cup Nail Art Tutorial: Germany

›Olé, olé olé olé!‹

On June 14th, the football World Cup started and everyone is totally in football fever. The beauty of any World Cup is that so many people from all around the world come together and feel the same amazing vibe and cheer on for their team. Even those who are not the biggest football fans often want to join everyone in cheering for their team. In today's tutorial and because we are a German based company, we introduce you to a dry brush ›Black Red Gold‹ or ›Germany‹ nail art design. This technique is extremely simple and can also be used wonderfully for any other flag. Enjoy!

World Cup Nail Art Tutorial: Germany

Step 1: Step 1: Apply Base Coat on all your nails.

Step 2: Apply two coats of white nail polish on all your nails (e.g. Seshell Seashell). Wait until your nails are dry.

Step 3: Beforeyou start the Germany design, stroke any excess black nail polish (e.g. Brave Soul) from the brush onto a piece of paper (as seen in the video above). Paint the remaining polish on the brush on the upper half of your ring and middle finger a few times, as seen in video above. 

Step 4: Repeat step 3 with a red nail polish (e.g., I Can, Hustle). This time paint the stripe under the black color as seen in the video above.

Step 5: Now repeat the previous step with a golden nail polish (e.g. Good Vibes) and paint it below the red color.

Step 6: Using a thin paint brush, draw a black W and a black M (e.g. Brave Soul) on your index finger. Wait until the nail polish is dry and paint over it with a red nail polish (for example I Can, Hustle) and then, last but not least, with a golden nail polish too (e.g. Good Vibes).
Tip: In order to get the ‹dry brush effect‹, do not use too much nail polish or, if necessary, first strip off some of the colour on a piece of paper. With loose hand movements you get the messy and casual look.

Step 7: Next, draw a ›'18‹ on your little finger and apply the same technique from step 5. See video above.

Step 5: Use a small brush and nail polish remover to remove any excess nail polish from around your fingers. 

Step 6: Once dry, apply our Top Coat on your nails to ensure a long lasting manicure.

We hope you enjoyed todays nail art tutorial and that you give it a try! 

Psst. Make sure to tag us on Instagram if you decide to recreate this design #kiacharlotta.

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