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We are OPEN

On this beautiful summer day, has finally opened its doors and welcomes all you beautiful souls to our store which we have created with lots of love and soul. Our 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty company has launched with a fabulous collection of summer fun nail polishes. We are dedicated to bring you the best quality, vegan and cruelty-free products that are good for your skin and eco-friendly. Anything we create we love using ourselves and we are sure you will too!

With our vegan nails polish collection, we not only want to give you beautiful and trend inspired colours but we also love to share some love and positivity. All our nail polishes and nail polish sets have names and stories there to give you a big boost of positivity because sometimes, it’s not about the colour but about the feeling.

What makes our nail polish extra special is that our bottles and concept have been designed to create less waste. How many times have you completely finished up your nail polish? If you are anything like us, not so often. We have created five sets of three and we are certain you will find one that you resonate the most with. Because the bottles each contain five millilitres, these three nail colours will be a perfect amount for one season after which we are freshly stocked with new amazing colours, perfect for the new season. Of course, we also sell all the colours separately. Didn’t manage to finish up your nail polish? Don’t worry. We will teach you how to properly recycle your nail polish.

Our simple but important mission is to create more joy for you and do less harm to the planet through vegan beauty and nail polish. We are about to show the glam side of veganism. Are you with us? 

We hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to roam around and have fun discovering new colours and stories. Which set is your favourite? 

See you soon! 

Lot of Love,

Kia & Alex

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